We are on a mission to provide everyone better access to their own data and create synergy from all the personal data scattered out there - files and documents, photos, mails, calendar information, contacts, videos and more by accessing it all in one place and with one login.

Synergy means that the whole is greater than sum of its parts. We strongly believe that data on laptops, CDs, DVDs, cloud providers and other sources (FTP/SMB servers) can be combined together to provide a more enriching experience if all were accessible in a single location. For example, you may have many photos on laptop, uploaded to Google and also to iCloud, wouldn’t it be nice if all of the photos and videos are in one location and AI could be used to provide a flashback or a timeline across all the photos and videos? If you have tried to locate an older version of the document by logging into different providers etc. and then searched through the files to find the correct version, then you are not alone. Also, if you have stored various versions of documents in different cloud storage providers, it may help to get it all together and either delete older versions or keep all versions in sync.

Stay tuned for many more exciting new and innovative features that we are working to develop which can dramatically simplify your life by organizing your personal data scattered all over the internet.